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Remote Access: Terminal services for Windows

Last updated: 2012-03-29 15:20:13 by travis
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  • Windows 2000, Windows XP (home or professional), Windows XP Media Center Computer with a high speed internet connection
  • Remote access key - Contact to purchase a key
  • A terminal server at your clinic with a user account on it
  • Note: Password must be removed off of key, storing the password with the key defeats the purpose of having the key. Saveguard your key and password from theft.
  • Remove the lid on the RA key
  • Insert key into USB slot
  • If folder pops up, double click on the "click here" file, if it doesn`t pop up, locate TelinRaKey under my computer and double click on it and then the "click here" file.
  • Answer "y" if prompted (only once per computer)
  • Type your password - Please note while typing your password, the screen will not show anything (not even ****). Just type your password with the enter key and it will log you in.
  • Minimize screen
  • Login to terminal server by running `Remote Desktop Connection`. Use `` or `` as the computer address and click on connect. You can run `Remote Desktop Connection` by clicking on its icons under Start>All Programs>Accessories>Remote Desktop Connection, or Start>Run>mstsc.
  • The usernames for your terminal servers are usually u1-ux (pw is same as username in this case), some clinics have different usernames as well. Please contact your office manager for more information or Telin Systems. You can use the same username / password for remote access as you do in the office for terminal services IF you use Terminal services in the office (Thin client or otherwise). A single user account on a terminal server cannot be used by two users at the same time, this will result in one user kicking the other off everything he/she logs in.
  • If you can`t connect (with the click here file and you don`t get the you are now connected, please minimize this window), make sure you are connected on the internet by going to google and trying to search for something.
  • Last resort double click on the client.exe provided on the key and use as the server address.
  • If you cannot connect and are in a new location, possibly one that is outside of Canada. You may need to override the HIA and allow access from a new location (that may even be outside - or routed outside of Alberta) Load up your web browser and go to URL and click on the remote access override and follow the prompts.