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Mediplan Tech: Mediplan Server Down*

Last updated: 2015-08-31 07:56:35 by logan
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If the MediPlan server is down, this checklist should help to resolve the problem.

Telnet to the IP address and port of the MediPlan server to determine where the problem is (telnet IP address port)
If connection is refused, the problem is that MediPlan service isn`t running: Need to start
If connection is accepted but 4d client won`t log in, MediPlan service needs to be restarted
A successful connection should display the MediPlan version after connection

MediPlan can be started in safe mode by holding down shift key during server start up, this will prevent all additional processes from running, and you will be able to log into the server. If MediPlan starts up, but does not display stored procedures on startup, you will probably have to start MediPlan in safe mode.

The rest of this guide assumes you are logged into the console of the server that MediPlan is running on.

Is the MediPlan process running? If not, start it up. On a MAC the standard is to click on it from within the screen at the bottom of your monitor. If you have a windows server, the standard location for 4D server is as a windows service. From within the control panel, go to administrative tools, where you should see services. you can then right click on the service you want to start (or stop) and click the action you wish to run.

When MediPlan starts up, if you get a message saying Log file cannot be found, you will need to locate this file manually, if the log file doesn`t exist or is corrupt, you need to create a new log file. After creating a log file MediPlan must backup, do not cancel this. You will need to watch to see if the backup completes successfully or not (see below if it doesn`t come up). If the log file still can`t be created, check to see if the system has enough disk space (the system should contain at least 1 times the size of the data file.

If backup fails before it`s completed, the problem could be that the system is out of disk space, please ensure the disk is large enough to run MediPlan server.