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Mediplan Tech: Restore from backup file

Last updated: 2015-08-31 07:51:42 by logan
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Must disable log file under Preferences > Backup > Configuration (Make sure "use Log file" is unchecked)

Restore an archive from a 4D application by holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key when launching the database. This will display the dialog box used to open a data file. The menu for selecting the file type now includes two new options that can be used for choosing backup files (.4BK) and log backup files (.4BL):

Under the "Enable" menu, select "4D Backup File", then select the backup file of which you want to restore, then click open.

Mediplan Server then asks for a location for the restored files to be placed. The default is create a new folder within the backup folder. The backup will restore the structure and the data files.

Then overwrite the database files in the DB folder of Mediplan. files are .4DD and .4DR and .4DS (if exists)

Start up Mediplan as normal on the new database, by clicking on the Mediplan server icon. (you will need to create a new log file for this restored database).

Must enable log file under Preferences > Backup > Configuration (Make sure "Use Log File" is checked).