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Release Notes

Last updated: 2015-07-20 12:25:08 by logan
This document has been accessed times since

Version 2015.2 b9

  • Added ability to change ordering phy on Microbiology and Diagnostic Imaging forms
  • Added patient inactive warning on appointment entry
  • Added User setting for creating Referral Tracking on letter save

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug on Directory form Surgical Center does not populate after selected
  • Fix bug - two screen open when launch physician inbox
  • Fixed CYTOPATHOLOGY Req form check boxes not show on print
  • Enlarged the Type field on report list form to show all information
  • Fixed Custom Resources input only allow 4 char on Employee page 1

Version 2015.2 b8
  • Grande Prairie PDI req added
  • Calgary Electronic DI feed

Version 2015.2 b7
  • Calgary CT form updated
  • Added Urine dip table (accessed from patient name on schedule and from new ENC under tools button)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed so `do on include on webbooking` check box in registration
  • Fixed bug on Report view screen vertical scroll bar not showing
Version 2015.2 b6
  • Add CLI & CLO # to DI CHR Req form
  • Updated CLS Microbiology form
  • Add Date Of Issue to CLS Req form
  • Updated Calgary MRI form

Bug fixes
  • Fixed accounts receivable report
  • Fixed EFW DI and FTS form top end covered by menu bar when open
Version 2015.2 b5
  • Added patient DOB to prescription print out
  • Added Chart Vitals function on Patient Summary form
  • Added new ability on new letter created for a referral dr to prompt if a referral tracking is needed
  • Added ability on Activity Report to allow multiple selection on Trans. type and Party
  • New field to Registration - PCN information provided to Patient
  • Added temperature to `paste vitals` in encounter
  • Added chart button on billing form
  • Added user setting on page 1 to default the size of scheduler (approx 1300-900 depending on monitor size)
  • Added Family Doctor from registration on new ENC screen
  • Added callback date and time on recall list notes
  • Changed Chart and vitals graph to remove 0 entries

Bug fixes
  • Fixed Client crashing when accessing patient in exam room from wrong schedule
  • Fixed not selecting correct resource code on fill empty slots
  • Fixed RX comments being cut off when printed
  • Forms fixed for check boxes not showing when print - Diabeties Referral, Colon Cancer Screening, Alberta Prenatal, Peak Pulmonary Function, Virology lab.
Version 2015.2 b4
Bug fixes
  • Bug fixed for DSTR report not showing on report form
Version 2015.2 b3
  • New Grande Praire lab requisition

Bug fixes
  • Add extra process to assure WCB report correct when answer No to whether opioids were prescribed
  • Fixed "Pelvic" box missing on ELF Radiology DI Req
Version 2015.2 b1
  • Update CDC Requisition Forms
  • New WCB form C570 Medical Invoice Reassessment
  • New Activity Report summary by date and billing total
Version 2015.1 b4
  • New Central Zone Lab Req form which replaces David Thompson General Lab Req
  • Added "Patient has balance owing" flag on Appt booking form when patient has outstanding balance from PT agency
  • Changed 03.04J billing warning to 345 days
  • New Req form created for ADC

Bug fixes
  • Fixed WCB report T# too long when re-created the report
  • Fixed Future appt message pop up showing Reserved appointments
  • Fixed bug on WCB report that information of prescription for narcotic/opiod being reset when user click Prev button on C151 report

Version 2015.1 b2
  • Added to new WCB report that users can create C151 report without original C050 reports, and old report can be viewed while creating a new report.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug on POEM alcohol and tobacco fields not populated properly
  • Add Chronic renal failure to CDM List (no template just for registry purposes)
  • Fixed bug on reports print from Qpix File - Print got blank pages
  • Fixed Dymo label with digit cut off on Age
Version 2014.4 b 4
  • New WCB E. Reporting systems programmed
  • Add new "Advance Query" feature on Claim List to facilitate users to perform claims search
  • New Form - Added new Pureform Kids General Req form

Bug fixes
  • Fix Payment File print out for Claims No last digits being cut off
  • Fixed bug on Scheduler F11 short cut key crash client on Mac
  • Fixed dymo patient label print cutting off 1 digit on age when shown in month
Version 2014.3 b 3
  • Added "No Show" option to Referral Tracking form

Bug fixes
  • New process on Image Browser to detect scan fax blank pages being imported to chart and to let users to re-download the fax
  • Bug fixed for letter sent to Netcare message not updated on letter view form
  • Fixed schedulers being scroll to left causing part of the time being covered, it happens on Mac and users use Apple`s mouse
  • Added fix to be able to cancel - reason for cancelling appt in schedule
  • Fixed bug on HNC Tool 4D Write area text input off the page and unable to be view
  • Fixed bug on Billing Entry table set as read only mode when user close the form by clicking the x button on window
  • Fixed lap graph no scroll bar on the selection list
Version 2014.3 b 1
  • Updated surgical booking form
  • Added address for copy to doctor on Edmonton Lab req
  • Added patient work area code on appt entry form
  • Added preference that only administrator can delete letters

Bug fixes
  • Adjusted size of CDC requisitions so that save and print buttons are accessible
  • Fixed physician lab code updating when physician changes on Edmonton lab req
  • Fixed POEM and PM tool to have the FIT test populate correctly
  • Fixed losing patient name in encounter when closing HX/reports by X
Version 2014.2 b 18
  • Added future appt flag to reports (like labs)
  • Added letter template deletion to the audit log
  • Added feature to only load date when you hit NEW on POEM instead of when opened (can be turned on under system settings - lab tab)
  • Updated form - CDC pain management
  • Added enlarging capability to lab graph (just click on graph to enlarge)
  • Removed Sign On individual reports and only send Diagnostic Details report for Tarrant email

Bug fixes
  • Resized Patient HX, POEM and CDM template windows so they fit better
  • Updated C-era cardio req
  • Fixed form printing (surgical booking and pre-admission clinic)
  • Fixed printing/faxing of certain reqs (bad pointer error)
  • Fixed alarm reminder
  • Fixed FIT test populating in POEM
  • Fixed bug on new task when task tool buttons being used - stamp does not overwrite
  • Fixed Referring doc not being transferred from Appt entry form to Registration on new patient
  • Fixed Dymo Label#2 area code missing first character
  • Fixed Lab Graph to merge dosage/freq, date and test field at the bottom (so they all scroll together)
  • Fixed letter missing header and footer information when fax and print (from letter only)
  • Fixed HX field on Insight form and Patient name field on Edm Lab Req showing grey text not in black
  • Fixed bug when users book a single appointment from the combo booking screen, which caused booking fell in a wrong time slot

Version 2014.2 b 16
  • Warning on letters when template chosen so it is not accidentally over written
  • Form Update - Edmonton Dynacare lab requisition
  • Head and neck Cancer tool updated
  • Save button on HX form moved to middle of page for easier access

Bug fixes
  • Fixed CDM template printing
  • Fixed times on schedule when using overview
  • Fixed POEM not saving framingham score
Version 2014.2 b 12
  • Added new item `Chronic Renal Failure` to CDM template form Group A section
  • Added new `Print Current` button on Medication List form
  • Move Cancel move/copy in between Copy and Move appointment on scheduler right click on patients` option - to help reduce errors
  • New Form - CDC Calgary Women`s Imaging form
  • New Forms - Mayfair - CT Angio Req and MRI & CT
  • New Forms - Radiology Consultants Cardiac Req, Pain Therapy, General Req
  • Updated Forms - CDC Pain Management form for Calgary and Edmonton
  • Updated Froms - CDC General Requisition Form for Calgary and Edmonton

Bug fixes
  • Fixed patient phone# not showing area code on lab review - under Action button
  • Fixed all users showing on broadcast message list - to only online users
  • Fixed Height and Weight input on Outpatient MRI consultation form
  • Fixed problem on FIT date population on POEM
  • Fixed billing calculation for code 03.03D with modifier COINPT.
  • Fixed error pop up on Directory entry when entering postal code field
  • Fixed appointment entry not transferring DOB from reregistration when book new patient with ULI
  • Fixed the magnifying glass on scheduler#6 not bring up the scheduler note
Version 2014.2
  • On billing form added 15 minutes to call calculator
  • POEM updated to include FIT test
  • Patient callback added to registration and Query builder for mass call outs
  • On the schedule when double click on patient name for action option added space in between Move and Copy so it is less confusing
  • Added fax only on the report screen
  • Added feature on client to auto delete 4d folder when quitting so it does not have to be done manually

Bug fixes
  • Fixed typos and copy to option on anatomic pathology requisition
  • Fixed dymo printing to remember to use portrait instead of landscape
  • Fixed patient HX duplicating with same date
Version 2014.1 b12
  • Added deleting a user account to the audit log
  • Updated forms - Outpatient MR and CT reqs (Edmonton)
  • Updated form - EFW radiology req (Calgary)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed the practitioner address on the MIC req so the whole address shows
  • Fixed the `next appt display` on the lab from when review post and next is used
  • Fixed the Immunization form being locked when accessed from pt hx form
Version 2014.1 b11
Bug fixes
  • Fixed brother label printing issue when default label printer set
  • Fixed the scheduler showing the exam rooms out of order
  • Removed the `database cannot be published error` when logging into Mediplan
Version 2014.1 b10
  • POEM form updated with ASAP moves
  • Added graph button to lab form (instead of having to go under actions)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed the time entry when added a new appt
  • Fixed patient HX form not saving information
Version 2014.1 b9
  • Updated form - MIC MRI & CT req
  • New form - MIC Cardiac Req
  • Added functionality to fax all test forms (previously it was just certain reqs)
  • Added next appt flag on lab screen from inbox maintenance

Bug fixes
  • Changed method of updating fax status to fix fax statuses updating
  • Automated callback was locking patient charts - this is fixed
Version 2014.1 b8
  • Added 2 extra buttons at the top of the schedule (total now 8)
  • Added a magnifier fly out for the daily clinical notes
  • Cleaned up the wording and functions under the actions button on the schedule
  • Added right click on the calender day to show only available appts on the schedule
  • Changed 24 hour clock to 12 hour (am/pm) clock - 24 hour clock can be turned back on under system settings
  • Created new button on New encounter called `tools` and cleaned up some of the buttons
  • Added sort for encounter macros (one click ascending two click descending)
  • Labeled forms dropbox on chart
  • The EFW requisition has been updated
  • The Pureform requisition has been updated
  • Added warning on patient name change if someone else has part of the chart open so that no information is lost (saved under the old name)
  • Added cancelled appointments into the appointment audit log
  • Added option to give a reason when cancelling appt to be added to the audit log (can be turned on under system settings)
  • Add time/date/user stamp in the physician notes section when sending a task
  • Included social history on the print out of the patient history
  • Added patient phone number on CHR diagnostic imaging form
  • When the user has `disable accounts` check on there user preference page they can no longer access `my billings` from actions drop box on the schedule
  • The CLS Anatomic pathology requisition has been updated
  • `Copy to` address and phone number added on the Calgary lab requisition
  • Added flagged comments to Alberta Prenatal form
  • Changed netcare to keep connections open when switching from patient chart to patient chart
  • Patient management tool (PM) accessible from the chart and encounter and displays important patient info (ie lab results, vitals, important test etc) in a spread sheet. Also allows you to do patient searches on large patient subsets displaying the same information
  • The ability to search by patient birth month added (ie can search all patients born in January)

Bug fixes
  • MRI and CT forms (Calgary region) will now save and quit when printed
  • On the chart print log of the audit trail - the attachments drop box will now list all scans included in print/fax
  • Cancelled tasks were showing in the outstanding task list with a date Dec 2080 - this has been fixed
  • Automatic sending of the autocalls was locking patient charts - this has been fixed