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Sign_on: Adding a new doc

Last updated: 2015-08-28 13:47:32 by logan
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When adding a new doctor the first thing that needs to be set up is the BA#(business arrangement number) with Alberta Health.

*Note - before billing is started Telin has to be contacted for the Dr. to be set up on the Telin side*

  1. If the physician will be joining the clinic BA (getting paid from the clinic) The form Business Arrangement/Service provider relationship needs to be filled out(Form AHC 914). After the form is filled out it is faxed to ABH and takes approx. 2-3 weeks to process. Once confirmation that the doctor is added to the BA is received billing can be started.
  2. If the physician is going to be getting paid directly a BA request form has to be filled out.(form AHC0913) After the form is filled out it is faxed to ABH it takes approx 2-3 weeks to be processed. Once the new BA# is received A submitter/Client relationship form needs to be filled out. (Form AH 2096) This form is to tie the BA# to Telin and only takes about 2-3 days to process, billing can begin after this.
  3. If you are setting up a Locum that is going to be getting paid directly, ensure that they have a LocumBA number.(should call ABH to verify). The Locum should be locuming for a dr. from the clinic. In the sign on put the locum BA in the BA spot and the doctor. that they are locuming for in the the locum BA spot(this ties the locum ba to telin) and check the box if locum pay directly. Both the locum doctor and the doctor they are locuming for will receive a statement of assesment.

    If the Locum is going to be getting paid through the clinic the easiest thing to do is add them to the clinic BA# (option 1). Or you can set them up in the sign on and in the billing for when you are doing there billing put there physician number as the physician and the Physician number of the Dr. they are locuming for in the substituting for # area.

Mediplan Setup
When all the paper work is done the doctor needs to be added to the sign on. To do this you have 2 options.
  • You can go to the sign on and hit add record which will give you a blank sign on screen for you to fill out.
  • You can choose a sign on that will be similar to the one you are creating highlight it and hit duplicate. - If using this option be sure to erase all unique information -the billing numbers (BA, Prac ID, WCB billing number, GST number) and all the lab info (CLI number [2nd pg] and MIC, CH numbers [4th pg] If applicable). This method is thje faster of the 2.
Some Things to note:
  • The submitter prefix is always TEL
  • The source code (SC#) has to be assigned by telin
  • The physician number is assigned by the system and cannot be changed (not prac id dr. number the system uses)
  • The integrated forms (ie. Lab reqs) are chosen per doctor on the second page under `customized integrated forms list`.
  • The schedule will not show up if the last book date is not set(1st page under Sun - Sat)
  • The number zero`s in the Sunday - Saturday area should be changed to 99 (max booking per day)

    Finding CLI Number: Open up the .prd file in a text editor, search for doctor either by pracid or Last name in CAPS LOCK (prefered last name that you wont get cc`d doctors) look for, in that record: 2084^LASTNAME,FIRSTNAME, the 2084 is the CLI number..